Lip Biting Remedy - 3 Reasons To Use Emotional Freedom Technique

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Published: 20th December 2010
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Lip Biting Remedy - 3 Advantages With Emotional Freedom Technique

Lip biting is a subconscious habit that can be cured with the right remedy. It's difficult when you are trying to stop your lip biting habit, particularly when you like the feeling of eating the skin. Think about this for a second...were you designed to bite yourself? Habits are born due to constant repetition of an action or event. As a result, you can take the same principles to unlearn it or replace it with a different beneficial habit. You are best to try and unlearn the habit or eradicate it from your brain completely. This will take some time, but can be done using Chinese Acupuncture techniques. This technique works because it weakens the neural pathways in the body's nervous system and subconscious behavior gets less and less the more you perform it. You need to consciously make an effort to stop yourself and perform EFT immediately. Find a private area to do it if possible.

Advantage 1 - This Lip Biting Remedy is Natural

Emotional Freedom Technique is carried out using hands and fingers. Either you or somebody else should tap on your pressure points with your hands/fingers.

Advantage 2 - Immediate Lip Biting Remedy

If you find yourself lip biting, check to see what it is you are thinking about at the time. Is it something stressful? Are you in a daydream? Whatever negativity you are thinking about, try using Emotional Freedom Technique to lessen it. You will find the thought has pretty much disappeared or you are no longer bothered by it. Just close your eyes and picture yourself performing the biting your lips and feel how you will feel when doing it. At this point you should use EFT and weaken the subconscious imagery and emotional reaction.

Advantage 3 - Used For Variety Of Problems

EFT can not only be used as a lip biting remedy. It can also be used to cure many of life's stresses, negative thought patterns and even migraine headaches. It is identified that a migraine headache can be linked to pressures of living. For best results you should visualise positive images and thoughts in your mind straight away after you have finished with EFT.

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